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Specialised Offerings

Due to our wealth of experience in all aspects of risk management and financial services, as well as our extensive partner network, we are ideally situated to develop specialised products and facilities for SA’s market leaders.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Corporate insurance consulting; reviewing of existing portfolios & identification of current gaps in cover.
  • Introduction of self-insurance mechanisms and high-level advice in structuring of insurance programs.
  • Placement of commercial and corporate insurance portfolios.
  • Affinity/volume business schemes.
  • Credit insurance.
  • Personal lines insurance (with specific focus on high net worth portfolios).
  • Professional Indemnity, liability, D&O, pension fund, trustees’ liability & bankers blanket bond insurance.
  • Loyalty, lifestyle & assist schemes
  • Branded trading cards.
  • “Clip-on” insurance products.
  • Political Risk cover

Our ability to structure insurance programmes provides our clients with savings and tailor-made insurance arrangements.

In addition, our specialised offerings allow our corporate partners to ramp up their earnings and diversify their income streams. We’ve found these products to be of particular value in saturated markets where a competitive edge is needed in order to gain a first-mover advantage!

Business Sure

Our BusinessSure offering is an effective tool which allows you to compare your existing business insurance policy “cover-for-cover”, “limit-for-limit”, “benefit-for-benefit”, “excess-for-excess” against as many other quotes as possible in the market. Following the interaction with the client, Channel Risk Management will produce a comprehensive report, giving an “apples-for-apples” comparison plus details of possible high risk concerns going forward.

  • Comprehensive “section-for-section” comparison
  • A tool to help the customer to understand the potential business risks
  • Value-added products
  • Cost savings
  • Protection against gaps in current cover
  • Best suited for companies wanting to save money and get wider cover on their business insurance

Personal Sure

Our PersonalSure range of products caters for all possible insurance needs for the business executive. No matter what stage you may find yourself in; whether the need is to insure a vehicle on a stand-alone basis or have your entire personal portfolio re-assessed, PersonalSure is the product of choice. The PersonalSure “High Nett Worth” scheme is a specialist offering that is not readily available on the market – strict minimum qualifying criteria apply. Once on board, the cover and ease of insurance is simply unmatched in the industry.

  • Comprehensive “section-for-section” comparison
  • A tool to assist the customer compare current cover to alternatives
  • Cost savings
  • Wider cover
  • Access to specialised benefits
  • Best suited for directors and company owners

Asset Sure

Our AssetSure facility is a specialised scheme that provides cover for all sorts of brands of electronic equipment. This cover is blanket “All Risk” cover, and we have the authority to underwrite the risks on this portfolio by way of delegated authority from our insurance partner at incomparable rates.

  • Lowest rates
  • Wider cover
  • Flexibility
  • Competitiveness
  • Best suited for companies utilising Channel Capital asset finance and asset-based finance companies